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About us

Our group of skilled traders and AI professionals have developed Bitqt. This top-notch trading platform delivers best signals and great trading experience.

As a global assembly of passionate individuals, we at Bitqt are driven by a common goal - to bring the new age of trading.

At Bitqt, we’re all about disrupting the trading industry with the mighty AI. By merging the skills of seasoned traders with the latest tech breakthroughs, we’re forging a trading platform renowned for its unmatched precision and potential for profits.

Our team is a vibrant blend of dedicated professionals from various corners of the world, each contributing diverse perspectives. We’re always aiming to stay ahead, integrating the most recent advancements in AI and finance. By seamlessly combining human expertise with AI capabilities, we’re working to deliver a transformative trading experience.

March 2021

Birth of Bitqt

Bitqt was started to change the landscape of traditional trading. Our motto was to change the trading with AI.

Dec 2021

Acquired $50m Funding

We company secured $50 million in funding. This paved the way for enhancing our platform and growing our team.

March 2022

Unveiled Beta Version

We introduced the beta version of Bitqt, encouraging users to experience the platform and provide invaluable feedback.

Nov 2022

Worldwide Product Launch

Bitqt launched its product on a global scale. We promise to deliver superior trading technology to users around the world.

Elevate Your Trading Tactics to New Heights

Explore a higher level of asset trading with Bitqt. We blend artificial intelligence and big data for maximum trading power. With us, you can master the markets with absolute accuracy and subtlety.